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The Kitty Wrangler is the Animated Animator, Euralis Weekes. Webmaster and artist of Konjoined Kitty Comics. You can see more of her work on her website


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Konjoined Kitty is all over the web!
Check out some clips we found of the duo.
This clip contains some adult language and mild plushy violence. Discretion is advised.


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Who are these kuddly little kritters?

• Carnival performers on the run?
• Co-dependent aliens from a binary star?
• Side effects from too much genetically modified catnip?

They’re just two regular konjoined kitties who want to come home with you and love you, no matter what mood you’re in.
Kute, Kranky, and Kuddly. 

Brought to you by character designer and 
puppet monkey Michael Schupbach who 
hopes that on those days where you’re 
torn between a good mood and a 
really bad one, you’ll choose both!